Nanofabrication Facility

This facility is hosted by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and is equipped for thin-film deposition, thermal processing, micro-milling, soft-, photo- (including mask fabrication), nanoimprint- , electron beam and interference lithography, wet and dry etching, and materials characterization. Please contact Volker Nock for equipment and laboratory access.

  1. Silicon Furnace
    Silicon Furnace
    Thermal Processing and Doping
  2. Heidelberg uPG101
    Heidelberg uPG101
    4" Laser Mask Writer
  3. Nanoimprint Lithography
    Nanoimprint Lithography
    EVG NIL System
  4. Raith 150
    Raith 150
    Electron Beam Lithography and Microscopy
  5. Dektak 150
    Dektak 150
    Mechanical Surface Profilometry
  6. Micromill GX
    Micromill GX
    CNC Micromilling
  7. Optical Lithography
    Optical Lithography
    Suss MA-6 Mask Aligner
  8. Solar Simulator
    Solar Simulator
    ABET Sun3000 Solar Cell Testing
  9. Thin-film Deposition
    Thin-film Deposition
    Edwards Auto500 DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering System
  10. Spin-Coating
    Laurell WS-650 and Headway PWM32-PS-R790 spin coaters
  11. Optical Microscopy
    Optical Microscopy
    Olympus BX30
  12. Profilm3D
    Optical Profilometry
  13. Electrical Characterisation
    Electrical Characterisation
    Cascade Microtech 11000 Probe Station with Temptronic TP03000 thermal chuck
  14. Oxford Plasmalab
    Oxford Plasmalab
    Reactive Ion Etching
  15. Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra
    Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra
    Inductively-coupled plasma (ICP) etching tool which uses a radio frequency (RF) energy coupled into a low pressure gas by an inductive coil. This technique allows fabrication of high aspect ratio silicon features with vertical sidewalls.
  16. Tergeo Automatic Tabletop Plasma Cleaner
    Tergeo Automatic Tabletop Plasma Cleaner
    Automatic tabletop plasma cleaner for research laboratories and low volume production with oxygen and air gas sources. Equipped with immersion plasma cleaning for high speed etching and surface modification and remote plasma for gentle surface contamination removal.