Volker Nock
Senior Lecturer, Above the Bar

Room: Link 306
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 3 3694303
Skype: volker.nock
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand
Postdocs and Research Associates
PhD Students
Louise Orcheston-Findlay
Claude Meffan
Yiling Sun

Nicola Altenhuber

Sevgi Onal
Miguel Reis
Debolina Sarkar (co-supervised with Ashley Garrill )
Michal Bernach
(co-supervised with Mitja Remus-Emsermann )
Serena Watkins
(co-supervised with Grant Pearce and Ren Dobson )
Bibin Jose (co-supervised with Mathieu Sellier )
Christine Franke (co-supervised with Maan Alkaisi )
Master Student
Annabella Thomas (co-supervised with Ashley Garrill )
Dr Tobias Baldhoff (PhD, Canterbury)

Heather Shearer (MSc, Canterbury)

Mona Bidanjiri (MSc, Canterbury)

Harry Kwok-hung Lo (Summerstudent)

Dr Vi-Vie Ng (PhD, Canterbury)

Dr Irshad Khodabocus (PhD, Canterbury)

Dr Shazlina Johari (PhD, Canterbury)

Dr Lynn Murray (PhD, Canterbury)

Fanny de Decker (MEng, Liege)

Johannes Erhardt (MSc, Freiburg)